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Trussville Family Counseling

Brenda Mashburn: (205) 422-4697 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Terry Mashburn: (205) 276-2419 Licensed Professional Counselor

Stephen Long: (205) 800-8381 Licensed Professional Counselor

Faye Summers: (205) 936-9472 Associate Licensed Counselor

Trussville Family Counseling exists as an extension of First Baptist Church Trussville, offering help in marital counseling, grief counseling, play therapy (for children), and general mental health.

Help is available in any of (but not limited to) the following areas:

  1. Pre-marital counseling 
  2. Marriage counseling 
  3. Parent skills workshops 
  4. Social skills training for children and adults 
  5. Help with blended family issues 
  6. Anger management training for individuals and couples 
  7. Development of strategies for overcoming depression or anxiety.
  8. Stress management skills 
  9. Addictions counseling 
  10. Separation mediation and divorce recovery 
  11. Life counseling 
  12. Effective strategies for empty-nesters and other life transitions 
  13. Sexual enhancement for Christian marriages 
  14. Dealing with grief and bereavement 

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